We cover all your digital needs

Digital Strategy

We create digital strategies for the development of your whole business, or for individual areas. Our strategies are in a form which is usable for submission to your board of directors, as well as easy to follow for those who have to execute them.

Concept Development

Concept development is connected to strategy and is often performed as a consequence of a strategic process. Concepts may be new products and services, or new ways to market these. This all depends on the strategy.

Project Management

We have extensive experience with project management of everything from building simple web pages, to large strategic development projects that include strategy, product development and systems development.

User Experience

We have supplied UX in form of interaction design and graphic web design to a number or successful solutions. We do not limit ourselves to responsive web design or app design, we have also created user experience for television.

App Development

Apps. Not everyone needs them, but many want them. We provide advice, help out with the user experience and deliver native apps, html apps or hybrid solutions.

Systems Architecture

We have just as much IT knowledge as we have marketing knowledge. It is far from rare that we take it upon us, not only to build concepts, but also the systems architecture necessary to realise these concepts.

The advantage for our client is that the marketing guy does not have to explain to the IT guy what they are thinking about, and the IT guy does not have to explain to the marketing guy why something they want is not feasible.